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BizOps is our internal support tooling. That’s where we see your support chats, etc :slight_smile:

We aren’t planning to return to multiple message threads per user, as far as I’m aware!

The string above, I believe, relates to making it easier for users to flag multiple fraudulent payments or to recent changes on our end regarding how disputed transactions are handled. Something along those lines :slight_smile:


Seems fair enough, but may I ask if you could do a quick bit of checking with your colleagues on the following two points?

  1. It is acknowledged that some customers seem to end up with their chat in a queue that is not being serviced (possibly down to a split out of some chats for temp workers to address that we heard about recently) with no way for them to bump their chat back to life themselves

  2. It is again acknowledged that not all support chats are being correctly closed by COps and that there is no way for customers to do that themselves and so start again with an urgent chat

That seems to be the two issues with Monzo Chat that seems keep coming up

This maybe attests to what a good job was made of rewriting it in the first place, but a change or two in Chat and/or BizOps could go a long way there


@simonb - Just to highlight this issue with Chats not being Closed off? I’ve had a Chat open from 04/07/2019 to 08/07/2019 where it actually advises me that ‘This Conversation has been Closed’ then right afterwards I got an automated message saying Welcome to Monzo Chat!, surely that is not needed? If Chats are not being closed off correctly, which @SouthseaOne implies and from my evidence in my Chat window shows this to be true.

I would have thought there are some rules (Internally) behind chats being Closed off everytime or are they scheduled to Close off automatically say after 24/36 hrs after no further communication from the customer?

My last chat didn’t get closed either despite there being a clear end to the discussion. The last couple of messages were similar to:

Me: “That’s great, thank you for looking into this for me”
CS: “No problem, have a great day!”

Now when I open chat I just see a list of:

“You’re now chatting with Emma”
“You’re now chatting with Sam”

So I’m just being passed from adviser to adviser, and nobody is communicating or closing the chat. I therefore don’t have the option for an urgent chat which is concerning :confused:


Yes, my last chat this morning @09:34hrs ‘Have a great day!’ has not been closed off either.

Hi @Coral-Crew or @simonb

Could you please move out the posts from Simon’s onwards into a new thread?

Deserves talking about as some small changes could make a big difference here, but do not want to drown out Teardowns thread

Thanks in advance


I’ve split this out into a new thread now, thanks!


Thanks Richard!

Thanks for moving the posts but you’ve still not answered any of the concerns that people have raised.

The earliest one was 3 days ago that you’re tagged in and I raised it again today just to show that it is still outstanding.

Have you seen these? Are you still waiting to hear from the relevant department? When can we expect a response?

As a short term fix, do I need to be chasing CS in app chat to close each chat session?

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I’ll chase up an answer for you now about what’s happening here :slight_smile:


Can they not just run an chatbot that looks for words such as “Bye” etc and then automatically closes the chat and then starts a questionnaire flow

Hey all :grinning:

Right now, we automatically close chats after we’ve paused a chat and you haven’t replied for >2 days. We pause a chat anytime we’re done handling it (so there’s no pause/close distinction).

Yes, this means that you can’t open an urgent chat in those two days. But replying to an existing chat still has higher priority than a non-urgent new task. So we’ll still get to you.

It sounds like the particular case where you’ve waited 3 days for a case to close was because of a COp error. It should be closed now.

We’re working on a “do you still need help?” prompt that’ll let you close your case yourself.


Sounds like that would help in a lot of cases :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update


Hi there, I’ve had a case resolved but I’m trying to request for help again but no response and I can’t get the autoresponse to come through because the chat hasn’t closed. Can you help please?

If you comment again it starts a new chat :slight_smile:

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