Monzo chat automated message

Is this the start of a Monzo chat bot ?


Essentially, yes, but we’ll always provide human help when you want or need it.




It’s not a bot IMO - It’s more about getting additional context from you when you would already be facing a wait time… rather than just…nothing.

I’m sure a lot of people here would reach out to Monzo support with a message like:

“Hi there, I have this problem, it happened at this place, at this time, on this date” plus any other additional context we would need to immediately be able look into something when available.

But, the reality is that a lot of people write in and their first message is literally “Hello” or “hi i need some help”. And then they don’t follow up with the details until somebody replies to them.

So, using something like this can help us get to the root of a problem faster :grinning:


Working in customer/guest servives, I know how it is. A clear description of what’s wrong and any related information from the get go can save a lot of time both on the customers end and our own end.

Rarely your get this from the customer first time though. :wink:


Or just with any member of the public :laughing:

A bit of automation is nice and it should also resolve the issue where people are complaining that they’ve heard nothing because they think chat is ‘live’.


But, the reality is that a lot of people write in and their first message is literally “Hello”

Just being nice :man_shrugging:


As always, Simon explains it better than I do :see_no_evil:


I’ll have to remember to start my next chat with Oi, oi and a cheeky wink and a grin emoji. :wink::grin:


I see this as a good thing, as long as someone to help can still easily be reached (which it sounds like they will be)

I wonder if this could be expanded on and proper locked pots could come back via something like this :thinking:

@simonb The bot has, as far as I can tell, blocked me from speaking to a human


Thanks Adam - I’m not working today but I’ve just pinged a colleague to take a look for you so you should hear back soon. Sorry for the delay!


Had a problem changing address so have dropped chat a message so will see the automated messages etc. For the first time
I’ll update how it goes.

I haven’t got an estimate for wait time that I’ve seen a few people getting in the past. Has this now stopped?

So not a great experience. Gave a very detailed response to the first message

Asked me 3 minutes after my reply if I was still there? Is that normal

It has now updated saying the wait time is one day but tells me off for not replying within 3 minutes

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