Monzo card not accepted by Amazon


I am trying to use my Monzo card for Amazon purchases however when I try to add my card it says that the card is not supported. Is anyone able to advise how to get this to work.

Thank you.

I’ve used my Monzo cards to pay for Amazon purchases without problem. Have you contacted Amazon customer services with the exact error message, for help?

Edit - your profile says your Monzo account location is in the UK - assume this is correct and you’re using a UK Monzo card with Amazon UK and not attempting to use a Monzo US beta account card?


Hi Chris,

That is correct I am using in the UK and my account is UK. I have contacted Amazon who have said to contact the bank as it is not there issue.

In that case you’ll need to contact Monzo using in-app chat or email This is a customer forum and there’s no guarantee that your post will be seen by a Monzo staffer.

Edit - as Amazon are known to accept Monzo, I’d suggest in-app chat.


Thanks Chris

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Unfortunately as customers, with no access to the back end systems, no-one one here is really going to be able to shed any light on this. Best of luck.

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Did you try to add here? Was that where it said not supported?

I’ve just this second went and tried adding my Monzo joint account card as well as an experiment and it all went fine:

Only needed my name, card number and expiry date

are you copying and adding the cars details online or are you manually adding the numbers as sometimes there could be a rouge space and double check your billing address

I’ve used my Monzo card on US, UK and France Amazon.

Double and triple check your details are entered correctly.


Definitely do this.

I had a similar problem with a Visa credit card. I phoned the credit card provider to complain that they’d blocked my card for some reason. The agent very patiently said that, no, they hadn’t blocked the card, I’d put in the wrong expiry date three times.

It turned out that I had put the correct date in, but it had auto corrected to the date of an expired card.


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