Add Monzo card as payment source on Amazon

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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I did do a search but couldn’t find anything specifically covering this.

I’m trying to add my new Monzo as a payment source on my Amazon account (going to be v useful seeing how much I fritter away on Kindle books on there!) but I’ve spotted an issue (or so I think). You are asked to provide the following:

Card Number
Name as it appears on card

Unfortunately no name is on the card. Should I be using the 9-digit number? Leave it blank? Put my actual name regardless?

Any suggestions? I know (based on other threads) that other people do have their Monzo on their Amazon account, so it must be possible!


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I can’t find an official comment from Monzo on this (no doubt Naji / Zainab will follow up with a comment :soon:) but you should just use the name that you entered when you signed up (which you can find on your profile page in the iOS app - I’m not sure about Android).

Having said that, apparently most merchants don’t check your name for online transactions so you could probably put whatever you want.

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Hey! Use the name you signed up for your Monzo card with. Assuming you’ve verified your identity in the app, this should match the name on your legal documents :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did as you indicated (used my name), and correctly added my Monzo card to my Amazon account. Bit of a mis-step buying a book as I hadn’t changed the default payment for digital purchases to be the Monzo card (doh!) but after swapping it over and buying yet another book, it all worked swimmingly.

Many thanks for your help (and you @alexs ).

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