Can I use Monzo for paying internet transactions

(isabel lyster) #1

i was wondering whether i could use the card for payments through amazon and ebay?

(Ben Green) #2

Absolutely. The name doesn’t seem to matter just yet but I always use what I signed up with. The only problem you might find is when a checkout forces 3DSecure, which isn’t common but does happen. That’s the fault of the merchant though as it should only be required if the bank and card processor support it.


There seems to have been a big increase in use of MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa recently and it is a common complaint among other banks’ card holders that they unable to use their cards when their banks have not signed up to these industry standard systems, or worse still chosen to use their own non-proprietary system. Hopefully when Monzo release a Debit card and Current account they will sign up to such a system.


I have just received my Card so trying to get to know it’s functionality. I take it from your comments that the Monzo card does not support the MasterCard secure code verification?

(Marta) #5

Hi @Grumpie :wave: Prepaid Monzo card does not support secure code verification.

Current Accounts and debit cards (Gen 1 and 2) don’t support secure code YET. It’s definitely planned and by the looks of it, sooner rather than later, but I haven’t seen any official dates. :slight_smile: