Monzo card frozen

hi, i’ve recently applied for a monzo card and i was logged in but then my email got changed for some reason and i wasn’t able to log in, however when the card arrived and i called the number on the back it told me that my account has been frozen. which i don’t get because i clearly haven’t used it, and it wasn’t even activated…
i emailed monzo and called them a few times but there line is “busy” they say…
howlong till they get back to me?
and will i be able to unfreeze my account?

We have no answer to any of your questions I’m afraid. They are things that only Monzo can answer.

For obvious reasons, it’s not appropriate to be discussing individual accounts on an open forum so I’m afraid that I’m going to close this thread for that reason. As I say, since we’re all customers here, all we can do is guess about things which doesn’t help either you or us.