Customer service? Not what I would call it

I have been a happy Monzo chap for a while. I even dragged the Mrs in and we set up a joint account for our household bills & yes there is a BUT rapidly approaching. A couple of days ago my wife was locked out of her account. She tried the methods recommended by Monzo to get things restarted - nothing. She emailed, still nothing, I emailed, nothing. She deleted the app & started again and guess what - a big fat nothing. Customer service seems to have gone to pot.

If we have no joy by next Monday it will be goodbye to Monzo - such a shame.

Locked how? Because they have suspicions over the account? Or problems with the app?

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Cah she log in through ? Have you trued calling CS?

No, just locked out. Finally got through on the phone, it made no difference at all. Switch started this afternoon.

But locked out of what and why?

You can’t use the app? Or locked out of your account? The latter should mean you get an email about it.

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Be interested to know what the OP means by locked out as others have suggested.

Reason being there are instances where Monzo (Or any bank for that matter) is not allowed to disclose information on accounts that have been temporarily frozen.

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Locked out of the App. So, as it is App based banking it does kind of make things interesting. She was unable to unfreeze her own card do her own thing. Arrived at supermarket to do the weekly shop and couldn’t unfreeze the joint account…

To be fair it isn’t just Monzo, I have Tymit credit card and that has let me down really badly over the weekend and that is going the distance as well

How did her card get frozen to start with?

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So she got logged out,

Did you try to login with the email link?

What was the error

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This story doesn’t make sense.

If you’re locked out of the app, how did your card get frozen? How are you even locked out of the app? Why can’t you just log back in - what error or issue are you having?

The vague detail is possibly why Monzo are struggling to help in a timely manner too. Try to explain the process step-by-step, post any screenshots that you think are relevant and any error messages you receive etc.

This should help pinpoint the issue and get you back on track :slight_smile:


If the card doesn’t work and the app won’t let you in there might be some more things going on in the background that Monzo can’t talk about…


Perhaps I didn’t explain myself very well. I’ll try again. The ability to freeze your card(s) is a great security feature which the traditional banks have finally caught up on. In fact it came in useful about 8 months ago when my wife lost one of her cards and someone picked it up and tried to use it, it was frozen, she got the notification and realised she had lost her card - great, but I digress.

The situation is as follows. All the debit/credit cards that we own has the freeze facility. They are always kept in that state until we need to use them. So back to the start of this issue. My wife arrives at the supermarket and pulls out her phone and attempts to log into the Monzo app. She is locked out and therefore cannot unfreeze the card and therefore cannot do the weekly shop. She tries to log back in using her email - no joy. So she has to use another card, OK fine, not a big issue.

The problem she now has it has been 5 days since the start of this and she is still no nearer to getting back on the app. We are fortunate enough not to have to worry about the money that is in her account (no small amount) but just suppose we were in that situation with no real assistance from the bank support team. Would that not just annoy you a tad?

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Makes sense. The only time I did that I forgot, tried to pay, failed and got annoyed. I only realised the following day!

I hope you find a resolution (either with Monzo or elsewhere now). I don’t think there’s a lot else to be said here but I’m sure people will continue to offer their theories on what’s going on anyway!


so is she not receiving the email magic link so cannot log back in to her app ?

at the end of the day we are just trying to help solve the problem , can fully understand if you aren’t happy with customer services this will not change your decision to bank elsewhere.

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Did she try the link I sent? You can freeze and unfreeze the card there, and it’s a good way to see if the account is still active/if there are problems with the email address.

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It still requires access to the email to login :slight_smile:

If it is indeed an issue receiving the email, then probably worth going through your spam filter. But I’m still not clear on where the issue actually lies

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Does she use an iCloud email address?

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Sorry but you’ve not answered the question everyone here is asking in an attempt to help you. What do you mean locked out?

  • Is she not receiving the email with the magic link
  • Is the email link not working
  • Is she getting some kind of error message
  • None of the above
  • Something else (can you provide a screenshot with any personal stuff blocked out)

I don’t want to sound like I am having a go but saying you are locked out is like telling tech support that your computer has crashed. It doesn’t provide enough information to try and diagnose the issue


Or you tell technical support that you’re locked out and can’t log on to your computer, so they spend ages trying to walk you through resetting your password and get very confused as to why its not working, eventually at some point figuring out that you’re ‘locked out’ because the unit has at some point become unplugged from the mains. PICNIC.

(Not that I’m suggesting something of this level is the case here; just intending to illustrate why clarity can be needed before tackling the problem by working from assumptions.)

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I don’t think the OP is asking for help to diagnose the issue, and if he was I’m sure he wasn’t expecting the telling off he’s got.

He’s expressing his frustration that 5 days after being locked out of the app, for whatever reason it may be, he STILL can’t reach a customer service representative after 5 days - which is absolutely appealing - who can then diagnose whatever is causing the issue, hopefully without berating him as well. Which is absolutely shocking.

Monzo should be ashamed of the amount of customer service threads that are opened here every day. This is pretty basic stuff any organisation should be able to do.