Pre-authorising £100 when filling up

Hey guys!

I’m sure this has been answered, but I’ve just filled up £25 but been charged £100 via pre-authorisation. Does anyone know how long until the difference gets credited as I’ve gone into my overdraft!


You haven’t actually gone into your overdraft since to £100 is still in your account, it’s just reserved for the fuel transaction ‘just in case’.

I think the timing depends on where you bought the fuel but if they’re reserving £100 it’s supposed to be quite quick. (I didn’t think anyone had implemented these new rules yet?)

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Good to know. The balance has gone orange to indicate being overdrawn, that was why I was confused

It’d be good if there was a marker on the transaction that states it’s a “just in case” scenario. Right now, it just looks like i’ve been charged £100 from RONTEC

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If you scroll to the bottom of the transaction detail page, it should say “pending transaction”.

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Ah, yes, you’re right! It does.

I’m sure this is answered somewhere, but if I didn’t have an overdraft, and I had £100 in my account, would that mean I was unable to spend anything until the transaction settled?

Seems a tad unfair on folk! Thankfully I don’t drive.


I’ve wondered that too - I can only imagine they have a solution in place for this. I just wanted to confirm :grinning:

It actually would mean that, yes. That’s why there’s some fuss around this and it’s been coupled with a need to settle transactions for the correct amount really, really quickly (as discussed on this forum, at least).


So I guess having an overdraft is key for this…I imagine you won’t get any additional charges?

You wouldn’t have the money to spend, because the available balance is based on authorisations.

However, you wouldn’t get charged for the overdraft usage because that’s based on presented transactions.


Thanks for confirming @simonb

I understand the lack of charge for overdraft users, which is great.

It’s a concern about those who would effectively just run out of money! Not saying this is a Monzo only issue though.

How would you respond with a photo of the receipt with the final amount on? Would you be able to remove the authorisation?

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Yep, just send the proof through the in-app chat :grinning:

Same applies for things like hotel holds and car rentals which can often take up to 30 days for the auths to auto-reverse, if you get in touch with the confirmation evidence of the actual amount we can reverse those auths for you :grinning:


That’s good news!

Will this always be the case, or will the time be reduced in future (if possible)?

The time of what, sorry?

Can I ask what petrol station you used? Good one to avoid in future! Tesco only ever holds £1 on PAP

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Sorry Simon, didn’t make myself clear…is the £100 pre auth something that would happen with all banks? I don’t recall noticing it before i went full Monzo? or would the transaction just not have shown up?

Sorry, probably being a bit thick!

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It was an Esso!

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It might be good to have a set up whereby with any pre-authorisation there is a button to send in proof of the full amount? Could be then looked at and approved/denied by your team.


Cheers! Oh so was it via their app payment rather than traditional pay at pump?