Possible to have Personal and Business Monzo accounts?

Hi, My wife an d I already have a joint Monzo account and we also have our own personal Monzo accounts. I recently tried to open a Monzo business account for our Ltd company and during the sign up process it sent me back to the Monzo app on my phone and asked for my mobile number. When I input this it came back saying this number is already in use and wont now let me either progress or go back so I now cant use the app on my phone nor progress with setting up mu business account.
I confess this is not filling me with confidence and the complete (current) inability to speak to customer service is compounding this.
Anyone have any idea how I can get back on my app and also how to resolve the phone number issue?

What do you mean sent you back to the app? You can apply in the app and that’s the best place to do so.

You can have a personal, joint and business account, no issues there.

Delete the app, restart and reinstall to get out of the loop you’re stuck in, log in with your usual personal details and then scroll down in the app (under the list view of your account/pots) and apply for a business account there.


I have Monzo Premium & a Monzo Business Pro account - set up was very easy and the invoice creation etc. is slick and looks professional. Only downside, for me, was that when I first started using it I made a couple of mistakes on invoicing and couldn’t delete them so they become ‘cancelled’ and it makes the account look a little untidy. That of course is just my OCD!


Just thought of another ‘issue’ I have some business with a Dutch company and the money cannot go directly into the account and I have looked at the options but am not convinced.

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You mean receiving international payments? Monzo encourages use of wise for this as monzo isn’t connected to the international payment networks yet.

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Yep, Wise - not convinced about that with all the reviews I have read. So until Monzo does do international payments payments go into my personal Chase and transfer it over. Not a major issue as I only invoice them monthly.

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I didn’t know chase was accepting international either.

I’m sure people have received payments to monzo directly via IBAN. But it’s at users risk as it’s not technically supported.

Sorry, my error - I meant First Direct.

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Thats sorted it thank you


Go careful sending business money through a personal account. Most banks will shut your accounts down if they discover you doing this.


I have discussed this with my accountant and we have ‘a defence’. Well we hope so, but thanks for your comment.

You might have one legally, but the bank won’t care.



An “accountant” who has a “defense” for using a personal account for business reasons?

Look forward reading about this in the papers


Clearly think they’re above the law. :joy:


As it all clear & transparent I see nothing be concerned about.

What’s the defence?

If you run a business which receives foreign payments, why aren’t you paying for an account as a running cost?


I only receive one payment a month and, as I mentioned above I am not convinced with the ‘reports’ on Wise. I will look into it more but I am not exactly doing anything dodgy.

What are these ‘reports’?

Just some comments from a few sites saying they were not exactly happy. The normal stuff you get on any website.

If you reckon it is the way forward and that going through the Wise account is perfectly above board I am more than happy to have another look at it.

Nope, just read the reviews.