Universal Payment Link - not tied to an amount

I really like the Monzo Payment Link.
The fact it opens the client’s banking app and auto-populates your transfer info is really handy.

But many people do their invoicing with another system and often it’s automated.
We don’t want to be swapping over and creating additional invoices in Monzo, and manually sending that specific link.

I would love if Monzo would open up the feature where it auto-populates banking information in their banking app, but allows the other person (client) to choose the amount.

This way, one singular link could be used in all our invoices that get sent out to clients automatically.

Even outside of business, I’m sure there would be uses for family/friends to simply have a link that auto-populates our info for a transfer of an amount of the sender’s choosing.


Is this not what monzo.me does? I don’t know if that is integrated with business accounts.

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Thanks Jamie,

I didn’t know about this but I looked into it and for some reason It doesn’t seem to work like it once did according to articles I’ve read.

Unfortunately, I’ve a feeling they changed this feature to the current payment link feature which seems to require you to state an amount you are asking for, rather than a payment link that let’s the person with the link choose their amount.

I’d be delighted to be proved otherwise.



Update: I was incorrect - The Monzo.me link is an option after all… BUT…
only in personal accounts.
It seems that for Business accounts, it only allows for payment requests of specific amounts!

Well, that’s half a result for me… but I may use a personal account to receive my client payments and then just transfer them into the business account.

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Be careful… depending on how many and frequently you get these payments, you might fall foul of Monzo’s ‘no business use’ restriction on personal accounts. I don’t think the odd payment here or there will be an issue, but if there are a lot it might be.


I also think the limit for monzo.me is pretty low these days.


Thanks! Good to know.
Bit of a bummer that the business account forces you to dictate an amount to go with the link, rather than providing a universal link. I wonder what their reasoning is for this.

My clients pay a deposit, a downpayment and a final balance - sometimes over a span of 18 months and their payment reminders are automated.

I don’t want to manually go and create a payment link every time a payment is due for somebody - I had designed my payment system to be fairly ‘hands-off’, and would prefer to keep it that way.


They could just save the account details?