Online Store on Monzo

Can we get registration of online store on Monzo?

Please provide further context for this or I will have to flag it up as spam


Given the topic and category I expect the question is can they open a business account.

The answer is “what do the T&Cs say?”

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Or possibly the question is: ‘Can we take payment from an online store into an existing Monzo Business account?’

The answer to that question is yes, depending on how you set-up the involved online payment portal.

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I was trying to message you about this rather than reply here but it seems your messages are turned off. I didn’t wanna take the thread in this direction.

Poor English, must be spam is how that reads to me. It looks incredibly xenophobic to me. That’s not very welcoming or polite. I suggest editing your reply to remove the threat.

You could have just stopped after asking for context, emphasized its requirement to help them properly, or tried to make an educated guess to help them like the other two did. The gist I got from the question was the same as Ndrw’s.



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If you’re in the United Kingdom you can register for a Monzo Business account.

However, while selling online looks really easy you do need an extra company involved called a “Payment Processor” who will do the part of taking money and sending it onto you (there are fees involved with this). A really popular one which Monzo themselves use is Stripe - just make sure your business is within their allowed terms and conditions.

From there you can usually connect Stripe to a bunch of different places which allow you to create your own online store.


Thanks for your precious guidanse :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I see in Monzo labs there is “(Business on Android) Accept contactless payment” im not sure what this is and what stage its at but could be exciting

it means you’ll be able to use your phone like a sumup card machine with the Monzo app to accept in person card payments from customers.

details here:

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