Where to get Monzo news and updates?

I spent a few weeks away from this forum, and the one big takeaway I learned from that is that unless you are in the forum regularly you don’t really know what is going on with the app/features.

Monzo send a few emails here and there, and I know there is a blog but the RSS feed for that is dead.

Today I see that Tom has mentioned Pots sorting order ‘coming soon’ on his own Twitter account…

Given there is one place every customer uses, why aren’t these things pushed to the app in some form or another (revive the old inbox and pop it in the ‘help’ tab?).

Or give us one place to go to get all of the app updates at least. Right now it’s very hit or miss. I was a Plus customer but it was only on coming back to the forum I hear that Plus is ‘shelved’? That is not a good experience (although given I didn’t know, maybe it’s an ok experience?).

I like that Monzo is transparent and shares a lot of information here but stepping outside of this bubble and it is clear it needs better coordination and dissemination.


I believe there is a post somewhere from @cookywook explaining why this happens.

Basically it’s because each team is separate with their own agendas. Some are more active on here than others and some teams have their agenda changing too much to be able to give accurate information.

He agreed that it is something that needs resolving. Like a roadmap or big list again :slight_smile: Not sure what happened with that idea though :man_shrugging:


I think “major” updates come out as blog posts on their website (and also make the front site with the highlighted “new to Monzo”.

I personally am subscribed to most of the monzo twitter things with alerts (they don’t post too much there to drive notifications crazy)

However I do agree that there should be a better and more centralised path to updates from mozo as not everyone is as much of an idiot as I am and have alerts for everything under the sun to make sure I’m up to date to things :rofl:


Seeing as this thread is here, can I again ask that there be a first order method of subscribing to the blog by email direct from the website. I know I can and do manage that using IFTTT, but it’s a bit niche. Every other website is desperate for my email address! :slightly_smiling_face: