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Not too sure if this is possible with the forum software that is used here, but once a topic title has been inputted it would be nice to have a ‘Do you mean…’ box with related/similar threads.

I have seen this on other forums, but not sure on the platform that was used so as I say I’m not sure if it’s possible. There may be different ways to do this with add-ons but it could be worth looking in to?

Thoughts? :thought_balloon:

(Marta) #2

My example is direct match, but it’s doing it, searching through titles and posts too, I believe. Not many people might be familiar with Discourse though and it’s not really in our faces either. :wink:


Needs to be ported over to mobile then :sunglasses:
Nothing of the sort comes up on mobile and to think Monzo is 99% a mobile focused product, it’ll be where most of the action happens.

(Naji Esiri) #4

This is a Discourse limitation…there might be a workaround we can figure out, it just needs to be a solution that doesn’t add a another layer of tags to each thread!