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(Ibrahim akram ) #1

Hi I’m new to Monzo I was just wondering would it be instant if I sent 500 from my Monzo account to a Barclays account

(Herp Derp) #2

Up to 2 hours as per the help section in the app

(Allie) #3

Faster payments promises two hours. The only bank combo I’ve seen take even close to that long is Danske Bank (NI) to Metro Bank. Oh, and anything with TransferWise.

However it isn’t quite instant usually… And you have no right to complain if it isn’t just a minute or two.

(Mark) #4

i find sending money from Barclays to Monzo and Monzo to Barclays usually instant. I don’t think I have experienced a delay.

(Marcel Ruhf) #5

I’ve never seen any Faster Payments (between actual banks) take more than 10 seconds to arrive.


Ha ha, clearly you have never banked with Fidor UK who take ages to post the transaction to your account ledger, sometimes within the 2 hours but other times by the end of the next banking day (the maximum permissible under the rules).

(Ibrahim akram ) #7

Say I transferred at 2am in the morning

(Ibrahim akram ) #8



That should be with you by now. I would suggest contacting Barclays for further information as we would apply it to your balance as soon as we see it.

(Mark Edmonds) #10

When I done a rather large transfer £10k+ back in the early days of the CA, I had to call Barclays to release the cash. Wouldn’t expect this with a smaller amount. Might be worth calling them.

(Jack) #11

I find Tesco bank take a good 30 mins to apply any FPS. Sometimes the main balance updates but the transaction list takes a further 15 mins!
I know it sounds strange but I swear the more you transfer with Tesco the longer it takes :joy:

(Wayne Simpson) #12

I do the Barclays/Monzo Combo, always instant for me

(Gordon Dack) #13

One of the reason I dropped Tesco, I’m convinced their hamster stops to count the virtual cash :slight_smile:

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