Monzo App Not Loading

Hi guys,

Every so often my Monzo app refuses to open, requiring me to reinstall it?

Does anyone else have these issues on iOS?

Goes to load FaceID and then just goes to home screen

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It feels like a common problem!

Tagging @AlanDoe

Let me dig out his advice when it happened last…

Info over here:

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Ahh thanks @Peter_G


Hey @kaiarnie

Sorry that the app isn’t working as expected.

Are you able to confirm the model of iPhone you’re using, iOS version and app version?

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Hey @AlanDoe

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iOS 15.6
  • App Version 4.41.0 (Latest via App Store)

I’ve reinstalled the app and it’s working fine now, however this does happen every so often


@AlanDoe the app seems to be doing it again today, where it crashes and takes me back to the Home Screen.

I had updated the app to the latest version of 4.42.0

This has started to happen on my iPhone XR since the last update :frowning:

After deleting the app and reinstalling it the issue has been resolved.

Thanks for highlighting this again :pray:

Reaching out to the teams about this just now - update :soon: