Monzo app, fingerprint access!

Hi Guys, is there any way to setup the app to need fingerprint to unlock it, like every other banking or card app I have on my phone?
I know I need to unlock the phone first, but sometimes put phone down and forget to lock it first!

Account —> Settings —> Require Touch ID to unlock app

On iOS new setup - go to your icon at the top left of account screen , then settings wheel top right , then settings top right - then touch id at the bottom of the screen, toggle on

Ok I’m on iOS, can’t find the account option if I click my photo top left I only get the option to change pic?
So am I looking in the wrong place again!

Ok got it! TYSM!!


Select ‘Accounts’ then on the top don’t select your picture (if on the old nav) but select the text near ‘Accounts, profile and settings’. A drop down will appear, select ‘Personal account settings a profile’ then select ‘Settings’ on the top right and you’ll see the options.

Cheers Guys sorted! TYSM!!

Glad you got it sorted. My friend had the same problem and was logging out of the app every time, requiring an magic link emailed to her every time she opened it - was driving her potty!

Be warned that it can switch off unexpectedly, then your account is vulnerable. Mine is currently disabling fingerprint every time I log out and in again.