App just opening with no need to put in password or Biometrics

Just what the title says.

I went to check my account just now and the app just opened to my account. Didnt have to use biometrics or password.

Ive double checked it 4 times now and it keeps happening.

Any ideas if its just mine or site wide?

If you have logged out of the app then logged back in, your local device security settings are not retained. Have you recently logged out of the app?

No. Not at all. I literally just opened it this morning to check it. Ive taken a screen recording of whats happening but I cant add it.

Are the biometric settings still enabled?

They should be - i certainly havent changed them.

But still I should have to input password right?

There isn’t any security on open with Monzo unless you enable it.

Perhaps you should check. If they aren’t flip them on and your issue should hopefully be resolved

I have just checked and they were off.

I certainly didnt turn them off though.

Very confused and concerned. :S

As MichaelC said above, they’re not enabled by default. So if you turn them on you should now be asked for face or fingerprint when you open the app :slight_smile:

But they were already on, ie my concern that they were off. I did not turn them off.

Ive now turned them on but im super confused as to how they turned off in the first place.

Has your phone auto-updated the Monzo app overnight?

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One of the causes of this was mentioned earlier in the discussion, sometimes large app updates can do it too

Nobody can move any money or anything without your PIN so don’t panic. Glad you’re sorted now :+1:

This happened to me on one occasion quite recently! When I checked the settings on my phone (iOS) the biometrics were turned off! However the previous evening I had updated to a beta iOS and that may have been the issue as I’ve not had it before or since.

As has been said you’re quite safe as any transactions are pin protected.

Perhaps monitor your settings occasionally. :face_with_monocle:

It happened to me on iOS about a month ago. I, too, had to check a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

My view is that if the setting isn’t necessary for security purposes, and if it can’t be relied on to work as expected, then it shouldn’t be there. My suspicion is that to is there because most (maybe all?) other banking apps require some sort of passcode/biometric security layer before accessing them, Monzo didn’t want to stick out from the crowd in that respect.

It’s not that Monzo don’t want to stick out from the crowd, it’s that Monzo customers won’t let them stick out from the crowd. Customers will come to the community in their droves to complain that their app isn’t ‘secure’, because they’ve been brainwashed by the security theatre of other banking apps :man_facepalming:

Remember how the other day we had plenty of topics about tax residency? That’s how it used to be app locking some days :sweat_smile:


Loads of people can’t remember the email address that they signed up with. That causes all sorts of drama every week.

If Monzo asked for any further information it would cause a community meltdown.

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Yes. That’s what I was getting at, though I could’ve been more clear. Monzo don’t want to stick out because the customers won’t want Monzo to stick out.


I had this same issue - I have used biometrics to manage access since I installed monzo back in 2019 and suddenly the biometrics turned off and I could access the account without being challenged.

I had forgotten that the setting was optional so found this post and turned them back on.

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