Monzo and Starling CEOs on today's outage (25/10/2017)


So this is GPS’s ‘Success Stories’ page i.e. Customers, Starling is not even featured there… Their engineers could spend time developing windows phone app instead :wink:



I came out of a meeting with our senior management once and overheard them congratulating themselves for managing to talk so much without actually saying anything, and it sometimes feels like Starlings posts are like that. They don’t really tell you anything, but everyone starts a love-in for Starling in the comments.


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But monzo are :sunglasses:


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Surprised people are willing to tolerate this is sloppy service. Just because Monzo comes out with ‘honest statements’ doesn’t mean we should accept it. Remember the uproar when RBS failed?



Ok, so we decide not to tolerate it. Insist monzo do something about it. What about getting them to drop GPS and use something more reliable?

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Like in-house processer and moving all prepay to new CA and ditching prepay :slight_smile:


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The difference is Monzo is in BETA and things like this are to be expected, they even say carry another card.

If you don’t carry another card then more fool you for not reading the information.

you joined a BETA program you deal with BETA issues, it;s a shame people don’t/can’t understand that



To be fair to Starling they do say they are in Beta when you ask BUT they don’t make it obvious, sort of hiding that they are still in development phase. They could come clean say look we are going to work with GPS actively to eliminate processing issues … but they rather blame competitor instead of fixing issues or developing a windows app which should be priority after Fitbit pay



To be fair too them I think they said both that they’re working with GPS and also blamed a competitor :smile:

(Edit) also I think developing a Windows app should have had as little priority as Fitbit pay. I’d rather they build something useful :frowning:

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:astonished: but what if i really really want windows phone app, I was only kidding :expressionless:



This is what I don’t like about it. It smacks of dishonesty being economic with the actualité.

On the one hand, they presenting themselves as being a credible alternative to legacy banks and, on paper, they have some good features. In practice it’s not yet finished.

On the other, there’s three references to beta on their website, buried deep, and this is their get out of jail free card to be played when something goes wrong.

I think they don’t get much critique in the press as, as far as I can tell, they have fewer customers on their current account than Monzo has on a closed current account preview. But that’s not certain as they’re also less than transparent with the number of customers.

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Monzo want the accolade of being a Bank without the responsibilities. Simple as that really. Bit unfair to constantly bank bash as they do - but have their own pretty significant issues. BETA is one thing but when you’re keen to put yourself at the centre of peoples financial lives, you have to live up to certain expectations. Money is important - Monzo can’t keep ignoring that. Pretty amateurish.



I think you’ve misunderstood. Currently, as a Monzo customer, you’re testing their product for them. Money is important, that’s why they have FCA and FSCS approvals.



Ehh, Starling are in BETA too :joy:

The Starling bashing in here is pretty hilarious.



It is but it’s not advertised as beta. You have to be paying attention to know that :neutral_face:

Luckily I have been paying attention and have been happily using them as my primary bank for a while now but using the Monzo current account debit card as my spending card. I don’t trust the Starling card enough to use it as my main card :frowning:


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What are monzo ignoring? They have responded to the unreliability of a third party by not only ditching them but building a new processing system from scratch. They’ve been completely open about each outage and apologised even though there was nothing they could do.

Beta is even written on the cards, to remind you that there are no guarantees yet.

The CA, which is monzo ‘being a bank’ has been totally reliable so far.*

I don’t understand what more you expect them to do?

  • Yeah I probably jinxed it now.


How can that be your primary bank when you can’t trust them with their card :thinking:

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They handle my direct debits, standing orders, goals and I use them to top up my Monzo account. Everything apart from daily spending (most of which happens on a credit card).

We’ll see what happens once Monzo is in the wild and has their pots up and running :smile:

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RBS is my primary account. I don’t use their card.



I guess this is how people will use banks not relying on one provider, picking and choosing services they offer to suit our needs.

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