Monzo and/or Plus

I’m scrolling through a few different posts and am struggling to find an answer…

I’ve just paid my three squid and don’t know if that means I get a new Monzo account or if it’s the same one I’ve got but simply upgraded.

If it’s the same, do both cards work?
If it’s different, then yay!

It is an upgrade to your account

You can use your current card or order a new one in multiple colours

It’s the same account so there are no visible differences, you just get a few extra perks.

You can continue using your current coral card or you can order a special Monzo Plus one, in one of the 3 new colours. If you order a new card it will replace your current coral one.

Don’t forget you’re now allowed a custom URL too so message COps to arrange for it to be changed :slight_smile:

That’s a shame - having two Monzo’s would’ve really helped my reputation on the street…

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Thanks - I’ve just done that bit.

Now, I gotta find me some friends that want to send me their moolah!

Put your new card onto a chain and wear it around your neck. That should help with your street cred.


Do you often buy something without knowing what you’re buying?


All the time!


Mainly when using Kickstarter or buying a Kinder egg…

It’s not as though I didn’t know, it’s simply the schematics of the operation

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You don’t know what you’re buying when on Kickstarter? :flushed:

You get sold an idea to invest in - I’ve invested in some real corkers (both positive and negative)


I understand only too well what you are saying. I’m a superbacker…


I love new stuff so I took it to explore what’s next. On top of that I don’t mind donating £36 to Monzo.

Problem I have with the card is that I thought my card came scratched and only later I noticed that my CCV is visible from front and back.

You can request a new card using in-app chat.

It seems there were early batches of cards with production mistakes like scratches, visible CVV’s, number colours rubbing off, random white dots, bleed around Chip & MasterCard logo. Monzo acknowledged the issue and reportedly acted quickly to improve things.

These seem to have been fixed now. My card arrived at the start of June and has none of the issues.

I just got my card yesterday so I’m guessing that’s a newer batch. I don’t have it in front of me but I think I have a bleed on the logo.
But scratchy front with a visible CCV is not cute :sweat_smile:

I did signed up to monzo plus then I’ve decided to cancel within the cooling off period, so I so customer service said I needed to get a new card since I’m not going to be a monzo plus customer, I like ok since that’s a waste of a card however they say I needed to get a new card, so I I’ve confirmed my address and they ordered a new card for me but when I got the new card it was another monzo plus card which was strange but it works fine.

Just to keep this thread alive, I got my card, attached it to Curve, pay my £3 and that’s pretty much all.

However I’m off to their meeting tonight to, erm, I don’t know what.
Maybe a cup of tea and a vol-au-vent…

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