Cash withdrawals help

Trying to talk to support via chat is like talking to a robot.

Anyone else having this issue… I cannot withdraw cash form any banking institution other than the ‘link’ ones where I have to pay £1.50 for the privilege.

I’ve not had this issue before. I have been into a NatWest and withdrawn cash from their machines.


Have you exceeded your cash withdrawal allowance for this period? There is a fee afterwards

Otherwise ATM fees are nothing to do with Monzo

Monzo cards don’t work in Link machines was the last I heard.

Then as mentioned above, fees are nothing to do with Monzo - it’s the owner of the cash machine. You’ll just have to search for a machine without fees or pay via another way.

I beg to differ considering I used one this morning but I had to pay

First time I’ve withdrawn cash in a number of weeks

You might have been mistaken. Here is a post from someone at Monzo:

Ok fine so why can’t I withdraw from machines showing the MasterCard logo ?

Could be an issue with the chip in your card. Have you used chip and PIN in a card machine recently?

Wow rude much.

No wonder Monzo aren’t rushing to help. You’ve clearly misread my comment.

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Use another card bruce. What’s the big stress?

Ps if you don’t have one, here is a good example why you should

Since Mastercard purchased Link now most Link machines are connected to the Mastercard network so you can now use Monzo with them, there’s apparently not many Link only machines left in the wild, Link Only will still not work.

Doesn’t explain why card doesnt work in normal machines though

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If it’s not been over a month you might be encountering the 3% withdrawal fee if you aren’t eligible for unlimited free cash withdrawals and have hit your monthly limit

If not, it’s an ATM thing so speak to the provider :woman_shrugging:

Most high street banks won’t charge you to withdraw cash from their machines. Equally cash machines at most supermarkets don’t charge.
I’ve seen an increase in ATMs that charge in my area though.

When looking at the ATM it should clearly display whether you will pay a fee - it’s usually the 1st thing you see before inserting the card?

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