Monzo and CHAPS

While I don’t need to send CHAPS payments I recently had my work owe me money that they forgot to pay on my normal pay run so I had a one off payslip and payment made to make up the shortfall.

It came by chaps, something I was not expecting as i’m normally paid by BACS. I was told this by payroll once they had sorted out the error.

Got it fine just wondered why they would incur a fee for CHAPS rather than use faster payments.

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CHAPS normally attracts a fee. I’m unsure if businesses can purchase some sort of packaged discount or free use for high-volume business.

I wonder why your work didn’t send it Faster Payment, which would have been free and (probably) just as quick. Was it a very large amount of money?

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£500 so not that much, just guessing it’s legacy systems.
(Some bonus for something)

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