Monzo allowed me to accept a request twice and the money went out twice

Issue: After accepting a request and paying a friend it is possible to go back to the list of requests before it refreshes and pay them again.

Details to reproduce:
OS: ios
Device: iphone 12
App Version: latest


Think the simple answer here is don’t pay them twice if you’ve already paid them.

Never had an issue with delayed updates on settling requests.

Quite likely a connection issue, or at times with the new layout can be a short few seconds before it refreshes in full.


Yes, but the app shouldn’t allow you to do it. That’s why I am reporting it as a bug.

If the request is still there then I think it is fair to assume that it didn’t go through properly.


As explained in the other part of my reply I see you kindly ignored.

Never happened here, wait for it to refresh and update from the payment you made.

Not a bug, just a delay.

A delay can still be a bug.

Anything that can cause this scenario to happen is quite obviously not intended, and therefore something that should be fixed.

I agree and both myself and my friend have been able to replicate this on our iPhones. I’ve voted for your bug and I’d recommend you do the same?

Anyone able to test if this happens on Android too?

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Fairs, the Home Screen always has a delay too when making a transaction, emptying a pot, closing a pot, and paying Flex.

Resolved after a few seconds, but whoever picks up this post can take a look at them all.


Why did you do it again knowing you’d done it once?

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In fairness, my dad is a Monzo customer and he has managed this twice, on one just eat order. No clue how.


I suspect because the flow is relatively poor. Sending you back to a screen that hasn’t updated to reflect the transfer was sent successfully. Can see how that might look like it failed, so you tap it again.

I don’t use this feature much though, because I’m usually the one people are paying back, not the one who does the paying back, but having tested it today, it’s probably something that would catch me out as well.


As a 2 year Monzo customer myself, the only issues I’ve had is sometimes stuck on loading screen, which a app refresh fixes.

But all in all, I’ve never had this happen myself and the likelihood of retrieving the money through Monzo is not likely. You’d have to ask the recipient for the double charge back.