Monzo Account unrecognised

Hey, Yesterday I logged on to check if a transaction of £700 has been received, when I logged on my email isn’t recognised any more, when I try to sign in it either doesn’t recognise my number or email. What should I do, as I need to access this money.

Hey Nloko, welcome to the Community :wave:

We can’t answer any account specific questions on the forum unfortunately, but it sounds like you might using the wrong email address to log into your account.

If you send us an email to or give us a call on 0800 802 1281 then we’ll take a closer look and get this sorted!

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I’ve sent 2 emails & called multiple times, but I can’t get through to anyone.

Unfortunately our email queue is pretty big, so we’re about 2 days behind, but I’ve just sent you a DM to try and get this sorted quicker for you :blush:

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Is that 2 days for everything? :thinking:

For a first reply then yes, but if you’ve already been in touch and we’ve had to escalate a query to another team then it can take a bit longer.

Is the forum offering a queue busting service?

Might be an idea to have a separate category.

This could end up creating a queue of people trying to get bumped up another queue, so I don’t want to make a habit of this. But if there is a login issue that seems relatively simple, and our email team have a chance to take a look then I’ll try to help out

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2 days is quite a while for first response, mines been escalated and has been just shy of a week now :pensive:


Make sure you’re using the right e-mail. Search all your email accounts for past emails from Monzo and use the one that has them.

Words to live by. I have many email addresses and alias’. Doing this is such a time saver

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