Monzo 101: What’s a Golden Ticket?

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

We don’t have a waiting list any more, but golden tickets are still a great way to invite your friends to join Monzo!

Here’s everything you need to know:

(Zac) #2

Golden tickets were a nice idea. But now that i’ve invited everyone I know that’s likely to switch, I should be able to turn them off in Monzo. The orange notification dot is distracting and clutters the UI.

(Andy) #3

I second that, if there’s no point to them, turn them off. They are quite “loud.”

(Jack) #4

I’ve heard they may be coming back with another use in the near future so there may be a reason they haven’t been removed.


I still want my visit to the chocolate factory

(Trevor Mitchell) #6

I’ve ran out of golden tickets, I realise there is no need but it’s an easy way to get friends on board… can I get some more?

(Jack) #7

drop cops a message I’m sure they will give you one :slight_smile: