Monzo 101: What’s a Golden Ticket?

We don’t have a waiting list any more, but golden tickets are still a great way to invite your friends to join Monzo!

Here’s everything you need to know:

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Golden tickets were a nice idea. But now that i’ve invited everyone I know that’s likely to switch, I should be able to turn them off in Monzo. The orange notification dot is distracting and clutters the UI.


I second that, if there’s no point to them, turn them off. They are quite “loud.”

I’ve heard they may be coming back with another use in the near future so there may be a reason they haven’t been removed.

I still want my visit to the chocolate factory


I’ve ran out of golden tickets, I realise there is no need but it’s an easy way to get friends on board… can I get some more?


drop cops a message I’m sure they will give you one :slight_smile:

Looks like the Golden Ticket has finally been revived into something awesome :sunglasses:

I’ve not got many people left to refer :see_no_evil: only holdouts who refuse to join for no logical reason :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Whats does it mean when it says ‘A friend’ in the new referral page. S it someone i referred but dont have them in my contacts

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Anyone else noticing a bug with referrals, I have referred several people recently which are all showing on on my ‘Your sign ups’ tab within the payments tab.

There are some of them that I have not received a feed item for on the ‘home’ asking me to follow the progress.

Anyone get this issue?