Golden Ticket changes 🎫

Hey Hey, dropping by to give a quick update on some changes to Golden Tickets and cash referrals :wave:For the last few months, when you referred a friend to Monzo we’d been giving both you and your friend £5 when they signed up. And with your help, hundreds and thousands of new people have started using Monzo!

This has been an amazing way to help us grow, and worked even better than we expected. We’re happy with the way Monzo’s growing at the moment, and building Monzo into a sustainable business is a big priority. So we’ve decided to change the way Golden Tickets work.

From today, when you refer a friend to Monzo, they’ll get £5 from us as soon as they use their card in store, online, or with Apple Pay or Google Pay. (You won’t get £5 for referring them any more).

We’re always experimenting, testing and exploring other ways to reward you and the friends you refer to Monzo – so stay tuned!

A huge thanks to all of you who’ve been sharing Golden Tickets with your friends and spreading the word about Monzo! :heart:


perhaps time to change the app feed then as mine still says refer a friend and get £5 - would I be disappointed …hmmm


As a reward… You are taking away the only incentive there was? :thinking:


well the referees have had the £5 for their referral so far :slight_smile: , the offer has now ended for the referee but is still in place for the referred - this is the new deal ?

That seems like a lot of waffle to say ‘no bonus for referring people anymore’

Which is totally fine, but it feels like you are treating us like we are dumb sometimes.


Oh, I get that.

But I can’t help but feel that this is a way to try and save another £5 by taking it from an existing Monzo customer (where they once would have paid)…

Monzo relying on the customer loyalty a bit too much perhaps?


yes maybe , for me to refer someone the £5 wasn’t much of an incentive, however it was a bit of ’ fun’ - or a pint of guinness :slight_smile: - and a thank you for a potential new customer to Monzo , who may or may not use Monzo after splashing their ‘free’ 5 quid :man_shrugging: , would I have introduced them to Monzo without the 5 quid - yes , mind you I am biased :slight_smile:


How long has this been in place? I referred a friend few weeks ago and he got his £5 but I never received mine…

You’re welcome. :pray:


What about referral links already sent? Will you still honour those?

I am still disappointed I can’t get esso world cup coins when I fill up, I mean, they did offer them, so I started collecting them , I would have assumed I could get the full set before the withdrew the offer :man_shrugging: , I haven’t got the full set yet :slight_smile:

guess I will have to resort to ebay

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This is the wrong way around if you ask me. Typical “brand new customers only” mentality, I help build your business and get nothing for it - begs the question why I should bother to do you the favour of referring people.


Because you want other people to experience how awesome Monzo is?

So I can be shown up by their inability to update a merchants enriched data, more like…


Well, if you know someone who might benefit from a Monzo account, you’d be doing them a favour.

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Simple then - don’t refer anybody. If I thought I was referring a friend to a poor product then I wouldn’t do it for any amount of referral money…

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Me too. I used to have this set, though.

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I haven’t referred anyone for quite some time to be honest.

I’m not that fussed about the cash, it’s a fiver - it’s the typical “new customers only” mentality which considers new customers are more important than existing ones.


I never needed an incentive to help out friends by introducing them to Monzo. And since them having Monzo makes life easier for me (e.g. easy instant transfers), I benefit too. This change doesn’t bother me at all.


Same happened to me, I had to enquire with Monzo to get the £5