Golden tickets for a new account

I was shopping on the weekend, and a cashier commented on my Monzo card, stating that he was intending to sign up for Monzo, but that he did not have a golden ticket. I was confused, and mentioned that you no longer need a Golden ticket to sign up for an account, but he seemed sure that it was needed.

Can anyone clarify for me - do new customers still need a golden ticket to sign up for an account? If not - why are they still in the app? If a golden ticket is still needed - why?

Golden tickets are not required to open an account with Monzo.

I believe that they are still there as a fun way to invite people to Monzo. It beats me why Monzo thinks this is a good idea tbh. It just encourages people to believe that they are necessary.

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The fact you see it in the app makes most people probably assume it’s still needed.

You each get £5 for recommending someone to join Monzo. The tickets have a unique reference that is tied to your account so they know who recommended the new customer and most importantly who to pay :slight_smile:

Odd. Every time I tap the golden ticket button, I get the spinning wheel of death and a timed out message.

They clearly don’t want to give me a fiver :worried:

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Currently this is only on select accounts as it’s in testing.

I’m fairly certain it is on all, but could be wrong :thinking:

You’re not getting confused with the switch bonus are you?

Only some, I have the normal one

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Nope, I haven’t got either.

You’re correct, my bad. I found the announcement so I must be one of the lucky few :blush:

They also announced in June the following:

Full topic here:

So we will have to wait and see :sunglasses:

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Not a fan - a bit too gimmicky for my liking.

I just referred someone. I got no kind of notification they accepted and your giving them £10 for joining after use

Where’s my £5 :disappointed: lol

They have to use their card first!

Then if it’s working like that why have they got a notification for £10 after use of card? Kinda mixed messages isn’t it

Haven’t seen that. Where does it come from?

If they signed up with the £10 ticket then there’s nothing for the person who gave the ticket. The latest one is £5 each


I’m upset with golden tickets now. Never mind that all my referrals when Mondo was still in its infancy are completely ignored. It’s much harder to refer someone to something that’s unknown than now it’s big btw.

But I’ve referred two people on the new scheme. There’s no tracking. I contacted support who asked for their email. I provided the email. Then support said I had to get the person to contact them in the app?

Madness. What referral scheme needs the referer to contact the referee to contact the company to validate the referral?

Is this pure greed or a ineptitude in terms of technology?

Should golden tickets be made end of life? or does it continue to add value in any shape or form.

It has not been that long since they were revamped, so I can’t see them being retired anytime soon.