Golden Tickets -> Invite a friend

So with the migration to the current account and the clearing of any backlog of users waiting to signup the golden ticket becomes fairly useless because anyone can signup right.

I noticed today that Nationwide are offering money for bringing a friend, which I am NOT suggesting because its wildly expensive and open to abuse.

But maybe there should be some kind of advantage to bringing mates into the Monzo family, maybe a “monzo recruiter” debit card when you get 5 people to sign up or a similar t-shirt, maybe it could just be an entry into some kind of competition to win some cinema tickets or something.

Point being we should encourage people to bring their friends/family on board and although I don’t think that for monzo the right way is using hard cash because given the figures published that is no way profitable without cross-selling other products and is open to abuse, maybe a chance to win some swag or an exclusive debit card would be cool.


The intended question in this is how can we encourage signups of people we know and encourage us to spread the word? Maybe it doesn’t need incentivising but maybe it does and would it help?

I can’t even find where to recommend a friend, let alone get anything for it! Can anyone remind me?

Once you’ve used the app for a while you get a golden ticket on your feed, unless you delete it, then you have to ask for another and then send it to a friend.
The waiting list has gone now though,which was the idea behind them, and there is no incentive for giving them out except the warm glow of satisfaction from helping a friend out.