Monthly reports no longer created


I’ve just noticed that Monzo no longer generates monthly spend reports for me, and hasn’t done since November of last year. Has anyone else faced this problem? I’m using Android btw.


Now you mention it I think mine may have stopped - last one was received at the end of March.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t dismissed April and May’s, but past history suggests I’m probably too lazy to have done!

I’m on iOS btw; up-to-date app.

Mines fine on Android. I don’t use the feature but I’ve just looked, all monthly reports are there.

Same here, end of March on iOS

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I’m Android and mine stopped March 31st too.

Odd that @DaveJ works although I too could have dismissed them :man_shrugging:

I noticed this too and my last one was also the end of March. I don’t dismiss them and have all my previous reports. I think they’ve either been stopped or there’s a glitch…

Strange, it’s the same here.

I got end of March/1st April but nothing after unless I’ve accidentally dismissed them but usually I never do.

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I was just scrolling through social media and noticed a few others are saying the same thing that they’ve not had the last 2 months aswell

Same thing here (Android), last one was on the 20th March.

Did anyones show up today? Mine hasn’t

Not end of the month yet tbf, still 1 hour 35 minutes to go

Edit doesn’t trends pretty much do the same thing anyways as the monthly report :eyes:

Very similar it’s just layout differently and has a mini firework animation if you spend less money out than the money that came in

Makes me wonder if they’ve stopped producing them, so that people just go use trends instead. :face_with_monocle:


Just checked my summary is up-to-date, suspect June’s will arrive tomorrow

It’s strange how a few of us haven’t been getting them unless we have closed them off without remembering

Oh I don’t get a notification about them, but they are still there. So the people not getting a notification, have you actually checked to see if the latest is waiting to be viewed.

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I have. Even when I try to find it via the search bar they stopped around march like above

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Looks like someone needs to get to support if not already done.

I’ll check summary again tomorrow to see if I get another update.

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So that’s what mines showing when I go to summary

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Strange. Mine is still March/ 1st April

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Go into help and type summary, select the one called how summary works. Hit the blue button for summary. Then hit the calender button in summary, what’s that show :eyes:

Or go through the left to spend section, I have that switched off on mine