Monthly reports no longer created


I’ve just noticed that Monzo no longer generates monthly spend reports for me, and hasn’t done since November of last year. Has anyone else faced this problem? I’m using Android btw.


Now you mention it I think mine may have stopped - last one was received at the end of March.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t dismissed April and May’s, but past history suggests I’m probably too lazy to have done!

I’m on iOS btw; up-to-date app.

Mines fine on Android. I don’t use the feature but I’ve just looked, all monthly reports are there.

Same here, end of March on iOS

I’m Android and mine stopped March 31st too.

Odd that @DaveJ works although I too could have dismissed them :man_shrugging:

I noticed this too and my last one was also the end of March. I don’t dismiss them and have all my previous reports. I think they’ve either been stopped or there’s a glitch…

Strange, it’s the same here.

I got end of March/1st April but nothing after unless I’ve accidentally dismissed them but usually I never do.