What about a monthly wrap up?

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this has been suggested before but I would really love to see a monthly wrap up from Monzo. You know like how they do the end of the year ‘you spent x at McDonalds’ etc. What if it was done at the end of your pay period?

There could be a screen where you set the parameters i.e. the dates between and then it’ll generate it.

Between [date] and [date] your income was X. You spent X at [category] and Y at [category]. You saved x and have x leftover.

I realise this is similar to Emma/Yolt but would love it to be in-house and can’t really be that hard to implement?

I just find Emma/Yolt too much. Too much information that’s confusing and often wrong.

Doesn’t the monthly summary report do this?

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