Monthly/ Daily Spending Money


For a bit of background I am about to move in with my partner having lived on my own for the past three years. I am now in the situation where I should have a little more money to play with.

I was wondering how much people budget for daily spending? I have pots for petrol and bills, food etc will be covered by the joint account so it’s literally money for me to use a I wish…probably on coffee, beer, eating out and little amazon shops!

I would be interested to hear how much others set aside.


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I’d do it by percentage. Income split into ‘joint/personal/savings’. Only you will know how to best split that though.

I go by how much I actually need to get by. How much do I need to spend on food at work; how much food can I bring in from home to eat etc.

If you work on the basis of how much you can afford to spend, you might find yourself spending all of it, when it could be better used elsewhere --savings etc