Joint Account - Individual summaries for each member and bill splitting

Ive just got the Joint account set up for me and my girlfriend. I was hoping to use it for the following situation:

Going on holiday, we put all of our spending money in the joint account, then spend as we go. I was hoping that the joint account would show totals of how much each person has spent individually.

Also, if we were to pay for a meal I could split the cost between us on the account.

This would mean that we no longer have to keep track of what we each pay for and what we owe each other, as is always the case over a long holiday.

This feature would be really helpful in everyday life too when one partner does shopping or the other pays for an activity. We could always keep track and split our spending.

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Hi @jasonpinches - Wouldn’t it be easier to both transfer the same amount of money into the JA, and then just use it as normal?

The “filter by account holder” has been something that quite a few people have asked for, so I think it’s likely to come in future.

Alternatively, if you really want to keep an accurate eye on who spends what, it might be easier to simply pay your own way on 2 separate cards (I can’t imagine doing this personally).