Show daily budget in Summary / average amount left per day

Hi. I’d like to be able to see how much I have left to spend on a day basis. Similar to what the app ‘Pennies’ does. So if I have £400 pounds left in my account and 4 days left in the month it will show I have £100 to spend today, if I don’t spend any money today, then the graphic on the next day will show that I have £133 to spend each day for the remaking 3 days… and so on. Basically it takes however much you have left and divides it by the number of days.

I’d love to have that amount of cash available on a daily basis! :upside_down_face:


I can’t use the current ‘budget’ because of the frequency/details of my income, so this would be a good alternative.

It would need to be able to adjust for additional income (weekly) and it’d be very useful.

Basically £x in account / days left in month = suggested daily spending limit, yeah?

Then readjust each day based on how much is in the account (which would allow for fresh income, transfers from pots etc).

To add to my original post, the budget for that day view only updates each day. So if I do have £100 for the day (based on having £400 and 4 days left in the month) and I spend £10 then the graphic for the day will reduce to £90, it won’t say £97.50 which would be the new average over the 4 days, however if you switch the view to month view it would then say £390. Make sense? If not then just download Pennies and copy what they have :grinning::wink:

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I would find this really useful. Although many of my spends happen irregularly, like groceries.

For me, the ability to set specific time bounded budgets would be better… so say I’m going away for the weekend, I could set a budget for that period of time for £50.

These could be repeatable so I could give myself an every-weekend or every-day budget.

Adding the ability to set specific category budgets within this, would make this an extremely powerful and flexible feature!

They should also be given a precedence (though this could be implicitly derived somehow) so only the highest precedent budget is considered at any time. So when I’m on holiday, for example, my holiday budget should override my normal weekly budget.

I love how everyone works differently. I’d have no use for this whatsoever since I don’t work on a daily basis.

Worse, it would appear to be pushing me to spend money when I didn’t need to so I would find it positively unhelpful.

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I love this idea! :+1: