Disposable income

I’m curious to know how our finances compare to others. I can look at government statistics to compare income etc, but I’m curious to know how our disposable income compares. Obviously, only if you are comfortable replying I’d like to know how much you have left over after bills?

For example, we are a family of three. We budget for our bills, but fuel, groceries, clothes, transport, eating out and entertainment all come out of our disposable income. After bills we have about £35 a day leftover. Do you think we are average or not?

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That sounds about normal I guess :man_shrugging:

Also family of three but only one salary atm with my life looking after :child:

3200 income − 1200 bills −1500 monthly spend −500 savings

£1500/30 days = £50 day.

Out of that £50 about £20 is food/fuel.

So that leaves about £30 day on wants.

With two incomes we still stuck to around £50 tbh, but fewer money issues and so much easier to save for big ticket expenses and investing with a couple extra grand to play with.

I’m on about £30 disposable per day after paying bills and day-to-day spending

Out of interest, what does day-to-day spending include that disposable income doesn’t?

I transfer myself £100 a week on a Friday as a loose budget - if I end up running out I’ll transfer tiny bits more to cover. The ‘disposable’ I’ve got left on my next pay day I’ll generally put into savings.

That’s about right for us too, salary 2300 - bills 900 - disposable - 1400 so give or take £45 per day

I’m about the same as you guys, salery 1700 - 550 bills. So about £35/£40 a day, I usually put most of that in my cash or s&s ISA though.