Monthly credit scores are pointless because…

…it’s only half a feature.

My credit score often changes monthly. Because of Monzo, I know it changes monthly.

But what am I meant to do about it?

This month, my credit score has gone down, apparently because I’ve opened a new account somewhere. This is news to me, so I’d like to see the information / talk to somebody / raise a ticket etc. There’s no way to even start this process in Monzo.

Yes, it’s a third-party integration , but if I can’t act on the information provided, what is the point? Maybe help me navigate to Transunion?

Every other month I’m told my score has dropped because I’m not registered to vote. I am registered to vote, so if there’s an issue with the information, why not help me out - the bare minimum would be a link to a procedure I can follow to dispute the data.

As a one-off, knowing my credit score is potentially useful, but without the ability to act on it, it’s window-dressing.


Hey There,

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide you with specific information on how your credit score is calculated.

This is decided by the CRA themselves, when opening an account we run soft searches which shouldn’t impact your credit score like in comparison to a hard search.

Every month your account information is sent to our agencies and they decide what information is to have a negative impact or positive and whether this impacts your score or not, unfortunately Monzo are none the wiser to this.

However there may be time when we can confirm if something will negatively impact, such as missing payments or entering payment arrangements etc.

When customers have concerns about their credit score we do direct them to speak to TransUnions directly, but perhaps there can be clearer instructions on how to do this.

He’s not saying that though, he’s asking to help with disputing information by providing links to help report.

A bit like using Credit Karma with the do you recognise this?

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The below is on our credit tracker page, as mentioned above we direct customer to the CRA to dispute their credit files, through the in app chat.