Credit score - show changes over a period

Hi, I really like the credit score feature but I’d like to have the option to see how my credit score has changed over a longer period rather than just the month on month change as there is little you can do in a single month to change your credit score without finding a money tree to pay off debts.
Also, if there is a constant deterioration, could Monzo look to step in and see if the person needs help - I’m not sure on the regulation here which could prevent this.
Would be great to know any thoughts on this.

You can get this from going direct to Credit Karma: which is where I believe Monzo pull all this information from.

Here it will show you how your score has changed over the months as well as telling you what is going well and what isn’t - with some tips on improving.

Thank you, I’ll check that out. I didn’t realise plus and premium accounts had an account created there and I’ve just looked at it through the Monzo app

Plus doesn’t create an account over there, Monzo use the same data, the same supplier. It’s just going direct to the organ grinder in this case gives you more information through there own app.


The Plus/Premium Credit Tracker shows it as ‘Powered by Transunion’ which is:

  • Credit Karma. You can access your TransUnion credit report through Credit Karma (formerly Noddle), though it’s not as widely used by lenders as the other two agencies (Equifax/Experian)

  • Credit Monitor. This is powered by MoneySuperMarket, and gives you free access to your TransUnion credit score

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