£400+ ringfenced in single transaction at French fuel station

Yesterday I tried to get fuel at a gazole pump in France. It was declined because I didn’t have £452 in the account but froze the £431 that was there. No fuel…and no way of withdrawing cash either. I realise that this isn’t Monzo’s fault but nobody has replied to my request for help in the app so thought I should warn/remind other users. It’s a whacking big preauthorisation and I have no idea how long it will take to resolve.

Have you tried to reverse the transaction from within the app yourself?

You can do this by selecting the transaction and at the very bottom is a link that’s says something wrong and then questiin this payment. You may have an option to reverse the transaction if the retailer hasn’t claimed the money.

Thank you, great idea, but sadly it just says payment will be reversed in 30 days. 30!

Fortunately I’d kept the receipt saying that the transaction had been declined so the Monzo team were able to accelerate the refund and it’s all sorted now. Hooray. Will use a credit card to pay at pump in future!


Has somebody from chat responded to you yet? They should be able to reverse this for you.

Yes, thank you…all sorted now I’m relieved to say.

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