Preauthorised money

Hi, do you know when I will get back the money that has been preauthoritazed from the merchant on my Monzo card?

Anything up to a couple of weeks. You used to be able to get it back early via the app but this was removed, alas.

If you cancelled the transaction, contact Monzo with proof and they can refund it immediately.

how can I cancel the transaction on the app? The merchant has already taken my money.

so, is there anything that I can do right now? I need just to wait!

No, not on the app, I mean if you cancelled the order with the retailer.

You can’t.

Scroll down on the translation the app. Does it say “pending” at the bottom? If it does, the merchant doesn’t have your money. They’ve checked that you have it, and Monzo has reserved it for them, and Monzo are waiting for a request from the merchant.

Either way, at the bottom of the transaction there’s a “something wrong” button. Press that and go through the process.

at bottom of the transaction it says " pending transaction" but I cannot do anything there

If you have evidence that the merchant won’t try to take the money, then you can send this via chat to Monzo, and the hold can be removed. Otherwise, it can be removed by the merchant, or it’ll automatically drop off after 30 days.

where can I find the Monzo chat?

The best way to contact Monzo about a particular transaction is to press the “Something wrong? Get help” button at the bottom of the transaction screen, and to follow the instructions there.

Otherwise, press the “Help” tab, and search “contact”.

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