Abandoned fuel preload - how to get access to my money!

I was in France on Saturday. Expecting to pop about €60 fuel in car: over €100 in our account

Carrefour, of course, tried to preload €150 to let me start filling. It didn’t tell me that was what it was doing (my bad for not intuitively knowing it would try to pre-load such an amount!)

Naturally the machine abandoned the transaction (see clip) and I used a Nationwide account we have (see clip!)

How can I get Monzo to release MY money now. Carrefour are not going to try to take it (evidence above!)


Contact support in app

Couldn’t see an easy way….in support, a gazillion help topics, but where is the “actually contact us” bit?!!

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Just search for contacting support

Or if you tap on the transaction and scroll down you’ll see a button

Just tap the transaction and at the bottom tap something wrong? Get help.

This will reverse itself within a few days if you don’t mind waiting.

It’s common for France to do this as that’s their maximum full amount by card.

Many in the UK do this too, and varies from £1 initial to £99 maximum fill cost.

This has become near impossible to find of late


In this instance, going to the transaction & clicking something wrong is the best route, instead of going direct to support. As it provides context to the CS team


Yeah, I realise this was my bad for not anticipating - the French auto pump didn’t say it was preauthorising €150 :eyes:

But having searched for contact help and opened a chat….it has sat there for 50minutes now, & zero response :roll_eyes:

Kinda makes Monzo look a bit rubbish. I won’t use it for more than a small bar tab card in future :man_shrugging:


Monzo don’t offer instant responses, you’ll get a reply when CS is available. :slight_smile: Don’t worry, have a chill, and just provide the info which they’ll ask for to prove it’s been declined etc. Or, they may, as has been the case a lot recently, tell you to wait till it’s automatically reversed.

Only gives options for dispute, & you have to contact the merchant first and wait 14 days

Modern money management eh :rofl:


Yeah, done that….getting on for an hour if wait time now.
Feels like Monzo is unable to manage their customers at this point in time :roll_eyes:

Well, that’s how banks work. If you were with another bank, it would withhold that money from your available balance & then it’ll be released back into your balance. The difference here being that you don’t have the two balance amounts with Monzo.

So, in theory, they’re within their right to not give you the money until it automatically reverts after 14 days.

Just hold tight, and see what happens. :slight_smile: Blame the petrol station, or yourself, not Monzo.

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To be fair, it you’d used an old bank - Lloyds, NatWest, etc - you’d still be in a situation where the money would have been ringfenced off. The only think Monzo are doing differently is increasing the visibility of what is happening to your money.

Clearly I blame myself for being stupid enough to not predict a €150 pre-load :scream:

But I also blame Monzo for not having the ability to respond in what I consider a timely manner.

Other views are valid: you may be happy with a 2-5hour wait, that’s entirely your prerogative :+1:


That’s fine, you can deal with that. You can try ringing them if you really want - that’s had variable success in the past.

Or you can crack on with your day, and enjoy it, till Monzo reply telling you that you may have to wait 14 days. :slight_smile:

But also, to add. I’m confused. If you didn’t have the money, and it got declined - what money has Monzo ring fenced? Because if you didn’t have €150, Monzo couldn’t have ring fenced it, and if you did have it, it would have gone through.

Confusing… Good luck


I understand your point, but again it’s not uncommon here in the UK for people to be charged £99 up front and the difference refunded. Completely merchant dependant.

We don’t offer a live chat service, just a chat service, and someone will respond once they’ve picked up your message.

If you could add the receipt and explanation to the chat it may speed up the process once it has been picked up :pray:t3:

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Did the pump decline the transaction or did you see the €150 and opt not to fill the car?

Usually when pumps pre-auth that sort of amount it’s adjusted within minutes if not seconds of completing the fill up. It seems like by the transaction being cancelled however, it’s taking a bit longer.

Don’t be confused :wink:

I had about £100 in the account….remember I planned to pop about £60 in
Too little for the €150 that Carrefour apparently wanted, so they abandoned the transaction. & no, I didn’t see it ask for €150, otherwise I wouldn’t have entered my PIN!!

However….the account still shows it (I guess in case Carrefour changed their mind even through THEY ABANDONED IT!!)…so my account now says £0

I’m sure it will sort itself out. Someone replied after 2 hours. Maybe they will sort it faster than 14 days :man_shrugging:

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That’s the problem. It’s not chat service, it’s a message service.