Money in Love: Charlotte & Frank

Welcome to the first instalment of our new series about money in relationships!

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Nice little article.

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This bit made me laugh:

But we never got round to organising the dinners, so one day I made Frank clean the shower so that it was fair. Then I realised that he was actually quite good at it, so now we split the chores more equally.

Rookie mistake Frank… Rookie mistake!


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Really interesting casual article, definitely some similarities with my & my partner, about how they feel when one wants to do something and the other can’t afford to. Nothing to be ashamed of, the person paying probably doesn’t want to do that experience alone so would rather take you with them.

Nice change from the very money focused articles.


Why is it that as soon as February 14th comes round, every article is somehow about love or relationships or marriage? Talk about pandering to the masses.

Have some originality, Monzo writers!

This is actually a series that we’ve been talking about for a long time! We’re all for making conversations about money easier and more open, and one of the places where it’s most necessary (but can be most difficult) is romantic relationships. We think it’ll be useful year-round – this just seemed like a good day to launch it :blush:


Through stories from real-life couples

According to the image, they have a combined income of £135,000 a year… Given that the average UK salary is £27,000 a year (For a single person, so £54,000 for a couple) they’re quite a well off real-life couple! :wink:


Earning more than the average UK salary doesn’t make them any less real!


It makes them more difficult to relate to.


It may not make them any less real, but it does make the tone feel a little off when one person is presented as the ‘poorer’ half of the couple and yet their salary is £45k!


“Oh no, darling, I’ve already filled my ISA allowance for this financial year, what shall I do with all this extra money that keeps on piling up!? It’s such a bother, if only you’d let me hire that cleaner!”


But they are the poorer half of the couple.

I think discussing the amount this couple earns compared to the average UK household is missing the main issue described in the article - the fact that one of the couple earning substantially more than the other. This is an issue found in loads of relationships across the whole spectrum of household incomes in the UK.


This is cute, looking forward to reading more in the series :heart_eyes:


I think dynamics would be similar even if it were a £40k and £20k salary. It’s not the absolute amount each make but the difference.

Enjoyed the article as I can definitely identify with the ‘poorer’ half!