Money in Love: Charlotte & Frank

135k combined income at 28. Nothing about this article is relatable. Find a better, realistic case study next time.


The amount they earn is not the point of the article, nor the factor that makes this article relatable, it’s the disparity between the two incomes that is and how this affects the dynamic between their relationship.


I must admit, I couldn’t be more disinterested in things like this.

It reads a bit like a reality TV show crossed with an elongated version of that weird Dear Dierdre picture comic where mum/dad is having an affair with the stepson/stepdaughter/neighbour.


This is very similar to me and my wife, back when we were boyfriend and girlfriend!

Our approach to different incomes was to try and split some items like holidays - where I wanted to spend more :see_no_evil:- 60/40.

We weren’t very good at keeping track though. The day we got engaged was “the happiest day of her life” (because she wrote off all the money she owed me :joy:).


Nice that there is going to be a series of these, but it did strike me as an interesting choice to go with a couple living in London and earning so much for the very first one

Not saying that the challenges and dynamics are not somewhat equivalent regardless of income, but harder to relate to and sympathise with. Maybe second or third in the series would have sat better with me

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s much more comfortable crying in a Mercedes than on a bike”, as the saying goes

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Monzo is here to serve the masses…?

I think this will resonate with a lot of people, london and other areas which I could guess around the UK. Good for the psyche to know that these issues/solutions are shared with others … though I can see lots of negative comments coming due to the level of pay between the two

The Monzo publication on gender pay and how they’re tackling the difference is a good parallel read

Not that this is totally related due to different job types and likely companies (from personal experience consultants work insane hours so £/hr makes it look a bit more normal)

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My husband and I were very similar to this when we were dating. He was a consultant and I was a teacher. He wanted to go on expensive holidays that I simply couldn’t afford.

We made it work by splitting most things in the same ratio of our salaries - just a suggestion for people out there in the same situation.

I did end up owing him a lot of money - debts that were wiped clean when we got engaged :rofl: Now we are married, we have sole accounts and a joint account, but almost all of our money is considered pooled resources. We get paid into our sole accounts and transfer 95% of our take home into the joint account for bills and treats. The small amount that remains in our sole accounts is nice for Christmas and birthdays - I can buy him a present without having to take it out of the joint account and spoiling the surprise (it also feels like a proper present this way). Also, occasionally I might want to make a sneaky purchase without him knowing, so I will pay from my sole account. Works for us :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Didn’t read that way to me :man_shrugging:

But Charlotte did make me chuckle with her fixation on playing to gender stereotypes rather than being comfortable with what they each enjoy doing!

They sound like a nice couple, though. Grounded and pragmatic.

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I’d be surprised if those salaries and decisions they were needing to make at their age would be particularly common outside of London.

Appreciate the concepts (difference in salary) are shared across the UK, but the article did feel very “London” to me…

Purely my opinion of course :wink:

Anyway, it’s always fun to see how couples (married and unmarried) manage their finances.

I naively thought “most” would do it how myself and my wife do (one big pot, we both use the Amex for 99% of everything and all bills come out of the joint).

But it looks like I’m in the minority from what I’ve read!


Probably an element of truth to that in terms of salary amount. But a lot of urban dwellers will be making similar decisions.

On a personal note, my partner and I (doctor and pharmacist) are living in the northeast and are hoping to live like kings compared to the southeast when we’re more senior in our roles!*


*My tongue is very firmly in my cheek


Salaries are crazy unrelatable for me.

My partner and I both have degrees and professional jobs, she’s a Senior Specialist Nurse and I’m a Timber Engineer.

Including both our salaries, my bonus and a £20k dividend we still can’t touch ‘Frank’. We’re older too!


Not the point but I had no idea that was a thing


Ah, I take it you were the consultant on Pitbull’s and Kesha’s collaboration?

Sorry - I’ll get my coat…:coat:


Maybe that’s why my pay is so bad…

Essentially, your roof/floor was probably designed by one of us. Here’s a model of the sort of thing I do:

It’s my job to make sure your roof doesn’t end up in your living room…unless you want it there.

That bit about me being older…I genuinely have no idea who these people are.


Haha! It’s for the best! :joy: