Money in Love: Nick & Amy

This week on Money in Love, a couple who claims to have never had a fight about money :sweat_smile:


Interesting, very very similar situation to myself & fiancee, making me rethink the way we do our finances a bit, the whole percentage sum to a joint account and keep the rest in personal accounts sounds great, mostly you hear of people doing the opposite.

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My wife and I did the exact same until we had kids, then we found it didn’t work so well. So now we actually do the reverse, both our salaries go into our joint account, all bills, saving and “family” spending go from that and we both take £300/month into our personal accounts to do with as we please. Works well for us, even if she does roll her eyes when I tell people she basically gives me an allowance :joy:. Our salaries are roughly equal (probably 55%/45% split)