Money in Love: Lauren & Dan

In this week’s instalment of Money in Love, meet new parents Lauren and Dan, who live on a budget of £100 a week.


Sounds exactly like me and my partner. We are very cautious with the budget. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I can’t imagine living on £100 a week including a food shop. :flushed::flushed:


The first two couples seemed to me like they lived in cloud cuckoo land with their £100k salaries but this £400 budget is much more relatable here.

Reading this really does make me think about an employer’s contribution to peoples’ lives through maternity leave. Less than £5k a year is so bad (I was shocked to read that the statutory minimum could be so low)!

My missus works in a shop with a major retailer and will get full pay for half the period and I think it’s two thirds for the other half. Imagine how much less stress there would be if these two had an extra £500 a month from an employer that goes beyond offering the minimum required by law…


Try it. You’d be amazed. I’m on a little more than that a week, it’s very do-able once you make some adjustments/sacrifices. See how the ‘other half’ live, it’s scarily enlightening!


I don’t think I could. If I lived by myself I would but with a wife, 2 children and 2 dogs I think it would be impossible.

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There’s just me and the Wife, two full time salaries and a monthly pension too and I still only spend a tenner a week on myself :joy:

We’re not a poor family but shopping for the week even planned is easily £110

I spend about £70-£80 a week on food shop which does provide most lunches as well. But then there is always something else like another child’s birthday party or pocket money needs to be given to the eldest or we’re invited out for a meal as a family. Easily escalates beyond &100 a week!

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100% agree, it’s the unexpected that’s the killer.

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OK, in your circumstances, £150? £200? There are two of us and two dogs, guess those children are expensive huh! :wink:

It’s really interesting to see how people manage their money and their views about it.

I’m single and spend £100-125 per week after bills and I thought I was being fairly frugal. Need to look at my budget and see if there’s areas where I’m wasting money.

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