Charged twice and unable to get hold of any help for 24 hours

I bought some theatre tickets yesterday and was charged twice on my Monzo for them. I immediately went on the in-app help chat and have had absolutely no reply. I emailed yesterday, no reply. I called this morning and the system hangs up on you. I have tweeted, no reply. This is my only other option.

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If it isn’t settled, you may be able to get it refunded. Hit the transaction in your feet, scroll to bottom and then ‘Something Wrong?’ and it’s there.



Would the company you bought the tickets from not refund you?

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Hi Sophie!

Welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had to sign up under these circumstances. Although you haven’t had a response, this sounds like something that is easily solved. I’d suggest following @HoddzDJ instructions to see if that works in the first instance.

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This is somethign hat has happened before with my boyfriend, Monzo take an amount on hold from your account but then the vendor also charges. Its not the ticket company who took the money

Ah sorry, thought I’d had gone through twice. What HoddzDJ says then, works for most transactions. If not the hold will be released in 7 days automatically


Response times via the in-app chat are a concern at the moment, it took 4 days for someone to reply to one of my queries this week.


Is there an issue with the phone lines? :thinking:

Its shocking

It says there is no one to pick up the phone and to email or contact via in-app help - NONE OF WHICH REPLY!

I can’t find anything on his profile to help me. The fact that Monzo can hold onto £110 of my money for 7 days is disgusting

I have already done thaat - it says either wait 8 days, or to speak to the chat help.I’m not happy waiting 8 days

I’m confused, that’s the way every bank in the country works. Monzo provide more customer visibility of this, I agree, but the behaviour is standard.

If a company puts in a charge then the bank ‘reserves’ the money. If a company then puts in a second charge, the bank ‘reserves’ that money too - they have to. If the company don’t then collect the money in a reasonable time and don’t release the reservation, the reservation lapses automatically and the money is released.

It looks tike the ticket perople put through two transactions rather than confirming the first one and the bank has to deal with the fallout.


I understand but Monzo is the only bank account that charges customer’s twice. If someone from Monzo help could actually get in touch with me they would be able to explain to me and let me know when I can get my money back. It happened over black friday with my boyfriend and when he questioned monzo go paid straight away.

No one has been charged twice here, two transactions have gone through from the supplier and Monzohave held the money. It’s still in your account.


It might not have left my account but monzo have taken it from me so that I cannot use it - it has been taken from my ballance

Ok, there’s no point going further in this circle. I hope you get it sorted out.


With respect, you’re not understanding. All banks reserve the money in the same way. With other banks you’d see your ‘Availabke Balance’ be reduced in the same way, but those other banks actually show you two balances so the second balance masks what’s going on.

You haven’t been charged twice. The ticket company has reserved two amounts and it’s their fault, not Monzo’s. Follow @HoddzDJ’s advice and click ‘Question this payment’.


With respect, i already have followed the advice - i questioned the payment yestrday, and now have to wait 7 more days to receive my funds. This would not happen with a visa card

As explained, twice, it actually would.