Mondo Alpha cards / other memorabilia

I was wondering if anyone has thought about selling their old Alpha card? It has been said more than a few times on social media that “this is a collector’s item” or “this will be worth a lot one day” - so why not put it to the test?

If anyone wants to sell their old card or maybe other memorabilia - could you make an ebay (or other) auction, post it here and let’s see where it goes? I’d certainly stick a bid in there for an Alpha card as I joined after the alphas and that’s the missing piece to my collection.

It’d also be an interesting experiment to see just how much of a cult following Monzo has. Apart from the original MasterCharge and BankAmericard’s from the 50’s which are in the British Museum, I haven’t seen many classic old cards sell for more than about a tenner.

Think they’re still too recent to be worth much. In a few years it would be a different story

Out of curiosity how much would you pay for one?


I would think it will sell for more than a tenner. I had an old Mercury telecoms phone card and an American paid me $250 for it!


I don’t want to give my game away but I’d start at £20 and probably go higher. #pokerface


I have the ~10th card ever issued so hopefully I’m sorted for life. I jokingly asked Tom B if he would sign a certificate of authenticity for me and he agreed. So I’m going to buy a house in London with the proceeds.


K… scratch £20… how about £20million? :grinning:

Seriously though… at what price would you consider putting that on eBay?

To be honest I think it’s probably the oldest Monzo card that hasn’t been lost or destroyed.

I actually have no idea what it’s worth. Let’s start the bidding at £200k :wink:


These are all of my old cards. Never actually activated the Mondo Investor PP one in the end. Didn’t get the Mondo Beta card either, or the black/white/non-branded other ones that were in pre-alpha testing before hot coral.



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