Information on investor cards

(Charlie) #97

Yes I have this one but my point is there isn’t one with beta and investor on it :disappointed:

(MikeF) #98

There wouldn’t be, would there? Investor cards only came into existence with the Current Account didn’t they?


No I think there were prepay Investor cards

(MikeF) #100

OK. That was too long ago for me to remember.


Think I might have it somewhere. It may even be Mondo!


Here’s @tomsr’s collection for a reminder :grinning:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #103

Here’s a blast from the past :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Charlie) #104

I mean the fact that I’m a beta user, like on my profile in-app it says beta user and investor so I feel like it would be nice for that to be reflected on a card too.

(MikeF) #105

Wow, I’m being slow tonight…

Losing my Beta card logo was my one regret of moving to the Current Account so I’m with you (now I’ve caught up).

(Tom ) #106

Ha yes it is. I found one more though that I’d forgotten about too - another Beta one.


I think, Beta on cards at that stage actually meant product was in Beta because end goal was to become a Bank and issue proper debit cards.

(Alan Coleman) #108

I agree! What a waste of money and resources. I read that there is 35,000 investors, I’m sure all of those people aren’t vain enough to want the same card with the word Investor written on it, but still, is such waste really necessary?

Anyway, l love the whole concept of Monzo and amazed at the size of this forum.


(MikeF) #109

I’m pretty sure they’ll have budgeted for a certain amount of card replacement in costing the investment round.

(Rob) #110

“Only” invested in one round? Investor
Two rounds? Investor*2
Three rounds? Investor^3

Plus beta? Beta

Just an idea :slight_smile:

(Sacha Zarb) #111

Some people will want them tomorrow, some peoples cards will be lost or damaged, and some won’t realise till 2021 when there existing card expires. I don’t expect 35,000 to be dispatched by the weekend

(Leon) #112

Either way you’re still a investor so it really makes no sense.

(Jonathon) #114

Agreed. I would be utterly shocked if even a large percentage of the 35,000 requested a card. Most probably won’t.

Personally I have, but I have put up with a broken card for a while now, knowing there would be this round. I need a new card anyway so I delayed it.


Yes I am the same!

(Rich) #116

I’m proud to be an invester in Monzo & can’t wait to show off my new card.
Isn’t this why we invested? - because we believe in the brand? Let’s stop guilt tripping each other.

(Stuart) #117

Because I’m a snob I want a monzo premier card to tell everyone I’m rich lol! Hahahaha!