Early Users/Tester Unique Card Colour


Admit it, we took a bit of a gamble. Depositing money into an organsation that doesn’t yet have its banking licence; relatively unheard of; unique to the market was risky.

How about when Mondo is ready for its full public release, all of us who tested and worked with the Alpha/Beta get a unique colour/print card - just something to have as a little sign of being one of those people that takes the risk and invests in exciting new opportunities.


Prevent losing alpha/beta/investor account status on your card
Coloured Cards for Loyalty
Card name - Online Shopping

Ya, that would be really cool.

Currently the Alpha/Beta users have cards with Alpha or Beta written on it. But the ‘BETA’ label on my card is peeling off (Use the card a lot :wink:), and would it would be nice to have something to keep and show off to friends when mondo becomes popular :smile:.

(Josh Bray) #3

I believe they have done for the invester cards. Dunno quite yet as I’m still waiting for mine #android

(Adam Hockley) #4

We have Investor on front of are card and back so this is allready being done.

(Adam) #5

Believe what @lewisrattan is talking about is when we all get new cards, Alpha, Beta and Investors all have a different version of the card compared to the general public. Which I think is a great idea as an Investor.

(Tristan Thomas) #6

That would be lovely :heart: No promises because it’s still a long way off but we will look in to it :slight_smile:

(Josh Bray) #7

Definitely from an investor point of view. :wink:

(Richard Hyman) #8

Beyond cool, American Express did something similar I think, would be amazing to show that we were there right at the beginning.

(Chris Black) #9

OMG ! That’s such a good idea ! I love it, I would be so proud !!! Being so proud of what Mondo Staff is doing and all this, very excited I am always telling to my colleagues from work and friends about Mondo, all the times, or when you all receive an update, some of them see me happy because of that hahaha . I would really appreciate like that idea to get possible in the future :blush:

(Josh Bray) #10

I get shunned at my work if I mention them.

It might have something to do with the fact I work for the biggest banking group in the UK. :roll_eyes: Na can’t be :joy:

(Ben Godfrey) #11

I quite like the subtle alpha/beta branding. Lots of people love the colour when they see my card - I’m starting to enjoy using it for that alone.

(Andy Johnson) #12

All up for this. Would be epic!

(James Billingham) #13

A lot of non-tech people are now starting to recognize Mondo cards by their color. Quite often cashiers, etc. have noticed the bright pink and said like “ah, Mondo right?”, etc.

(Christopher McCarthy) #14

Fantastic idea! A cheeky little :eggplant: In the corner of the card for Beta testers and :eggplant::eggplant: for investors will go a long way!

(Matt) #15

I’ve not even received my beta card yet (only 2k people left in front, getting excited!!) and already love the idea of having a unique card once the full product goes live!

(Damien) #16

This would be cool. Anyone who signed up before the official, everyone can sign up, stage would get a special card. Although I guess there isn’t yet a plan on how or if us lot can transition our existing accounts to proper bank accounts when the time comes.


When :mondo: becomes a bank, the current cards would replaced with new ones that is possible issued directly from :mondo:. So technically the Alpha/BETA cards would be unique to us.

(Damien) #18

Well yes but then they won’t be used. I think the idea here is that account holders who were members of this beta/alpha would have different cards in perpetuity so not sure how realistic that is. We might all also have to be ‘new’ customers when the bank part actually opens…

(Matt) #19

I’m sure the clever people at Mondo will find a way to ‘migrate’ existing alpha/beta cardholders over to the full product once the banking licence is signed off, therefore will not be treated as ‘new’ customers.
As nice as it would be to have a unique card, I’m sure there are far more important things on the roadmap which are taking priority at the moment! :joy:

(George) #20

but we’re… special :heart_eyes: