Mobile Providers

My money’s on EE. They’re almost always first (especially when it’s a thing Apple are backing for their phones), and they’re almost always best.


EE are ok, just rather expensive and hit and miss.

Three has been good for me for the most part. Vodafone too.

O2 is very hit and miss :sweat_smile:

Random esim fact, I very recently Iearned that Vodafone and EE both don’t support UMTS on eSims.

Wouldn’t worry about it too much… 3G will be gone in 2/3 years.


It use to be o2 when the iPhone first launched :sweat_smile:


I remember as they were the only network who supported VVM

Despite Android phones having VVM, it seems to be iPhone exclusive, all these years later still

I cannot convince my company that launching it on Android is what customers want. Despite knowing that customers do want it! I’ve been trying for over 6 years.

All I can say is please moan at your operator, tweet them asking about it, complain it’s not available etc

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