1p mobile

Does anyone know if 1p mobile are any good as would like to find a good MVNO for Ee.

Never seen or heard anyone refer to a mobile network provider as this!

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I meant using EE but piggy backing on it.


I first saw it many years ago on this forum


I’m not sure who still does but the MVNOs all used to miss out on the 800mhz EE band which was a decent loss imo.

Zevvle.com is not bad especially if you need multiple Sims.

1p claim to have access, I suspect the MVNOs that have voLTE have access to 800mhz, it looks like Plusnet doesn’t have access despite being owned by BT EE.

Advertising standard agency should go after any MVNO that uses EE and claims to use the UKs best network etc


They’re Mobile Virtual Network Operators. Ie they operate a network but don’t have their own infrastructure, instead piggybacking off a real network.

Wouldn’t be surprised if one day they’ll all collapse like the million little energy firms.

Runs on EE, unrestricted, fair value for money, 5G, WiFi calling, no speed caps etc and roaming 1p is (or was) included in the EU too.