Mobile networks

My OtterBox cases have always been solid.

Same goes for my Caseology case for my Pixel. It’s been a lifesaver on multiple occasions :sweat_smile:

I’ve played Peridot naked, and even that wasn’t uncomfortable despite being the hottest it’s ever gotten whilst in use. So you’ll be fine.

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I’ll see how it goes in a bit. I’m a secret speed test geek so those put a lot of power through.

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Cannot… unsee.

Oh, you mean the phone?


:joy: yes, the phone!


Well I’m glad this was cleared up because I didn’t know what Peridot was and playing it naked made me not want to look :joy:


Cant go past Spigen cases and always tend to buy the liquid air

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I’ve always gone case-less too, only damage I’ve had is a small chip on my iPhone X when it fell about a foot out of my pocket when I was slouched in a garden lounger, and my iPhone 12 annoying has a scuffed edge from when I put it in the front seat pocket on a plane that has a metal lip :angry:

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Mostly have everything set up :sweat_smile:

O2 really needs to be rid of the low band 5G, or just save it for rural.

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I have that case but for the 13 Pro Max… lasted ~18months and still going.

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O2 chat is utter garbage

Gave them a 0 for everything

Then got this:

If you have an actual issue, doesn’t matter if it was self inflicted or not, they won’t help you

Been looking at travel esims following some suggestions yesterday…

@Orinoco Did you consider Mobimatter by any chance? Seems to be a bit cheaper than Airalo from what I can tell.

I am currently trying Airalo though (via a UK Airalo esim in roaming mode), and it seems to be working reasonably well. Have the choice of connecting to either O2 4G or Three 4G. When connected to O2 4G download speeds are similar to those I get when I use a physical UK O2 SIM in 4G mode. Upload speeds are a bit slower, but I can get faster upload speeds telling the eSIM to connect to Three 4G instead.

@l33t Is there a specific reason you like KeepGo? It seems more expensive than other options from what I can tell. Is it because of the much longer data expiry period than other options, which tend to be 30 days or less?

No monthly mostly. I have the Pisces package which appears sold out right now on esim but I actually like the fact I can use it in the uk as well.
My primary network is Three with unlimited everything for £16 but three can have issues with signal in certain cities so I usually switch to the KeepGo sim for data and I can lock that sim to use EE or o2.
I wanted it to be esim rather than swapping sims so I could dual sim and there were not a huge amount of esim providers that were pay as you go as such.
It is not the fastest for data because it effectively is roaming in the UK as the Pisces sim is primarily France.
I would consider other options but it’s hard to find one that I could keep using in the uk after the holiday as backup signal.

What are you considering?

EDIT: neither of those options you found appeared when I looked a couple of months ago for some reason so I don’t know them.


I only need one for overseas trips (which will generally be less than 2-3 weeks at a time) so don’t need the long data expiry policy of KeepGo. Considering Airalo and Mobimatter as they both seem cheaper if data expiring after 30 days isn’t an issue.

The referral offer makes KeepGo a little cheaper than Airalo as $24 for 3GB but KeepGo Inc USA is $20 for 4Gb due to the free data referral offer but Airalo has the option for a local sim which might perform better and is cheaper but I would check what network it will use.

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I think the prices you are quoting are for multi-country plans. I tend to travel to one country per trip so would only need single country plans per trip. Airalo USA is (for example) $11 for 3GB/30days or $16 for 5GB/30days. Mobimatter even cheaper at $8 for 3GB/30days or $12 for 5GB/30days. From what I can gather, KeepGo is more expensive per GB, although has the benefit of no expiry period. It is a lot harder to search the KeepGo website though so might be missing some good options.


Plusnet closing down.

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Oh wow that was quick. I was wondering how long it would take them to close down the BT Mobile and Plusnet MVNOs when they stopped accepting new orders not too long ago. Wonder how long until BT Mobile gets shut down completely.

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Going back to US eSIMs quickly, I think the best deal I’ve found so far is with Mint Mobile. They run off the T-Mobile network, owned by Ryan Reynolds, and offer unlimited everything, including US domestic calls, for $30 a month ( (Not an ad :rofl:)

Although their 5GB plan is $15, which does get beaten by this …

… but it doesn’t look like Mobimatter ^ includes calls?