Mobile networks

Just data. Same for Airalo and I believe also Keepgo.

The mint plan seems to have a 3 month minimum term.

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Plusnet are not doing anyone proud here. Hopefully if EE become BT’s main focus for mobile, we’ll get access to BT Hotspots without having BT broadband, but I doubt it

I’m on o2 anyway now


I can’t guarantee this will work for anyone but I just managed to renegotiate for more data with Sky.

Was £12 for 12gb now I’m getting 24gb. For me as I WFH that will do. Just chatted on FB with them.

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Seems enough people complained! this used to be capped at 0.5mbps speed when roaming

5mb/s capped speed is usable


From what I can see it’s a minimum 3 month term, so $60, plus there’s potentially billing address, social security entry box and similar issues which you won’t know until your try to buy.


Good spot about the minimum term! I’m actually going to the US for 3 months so I didn’t try to decrease it. Good to know.

I’ve already went through the process of buying an eSIM with them & there were no issues - I put my accommodation’s address and used Apple Pay with my UK registered card. It didn’t ask for an SSN etc.

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There’s no option for less than 3 months at checkout, but potentially you can get a pro rata refund if you cancel, but it doesn’t look like it.

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Oh brilliant. This was worrying me as I chose O2 mostly for the additional costs I would previously get travelling in Europe monthly plus several upcoming trips to US, Canada, Australia and NZ.

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I wonder how much they actually enforce 0.5mbps, you often see telcos say things like hotspoting is blocked abroad when it works fine.

I can find some reports online of it being applied, but I doubt every roaming partner supports this.

What page did you take the screenshot from? I can’t find any mention of the cap on the following page: O2 | O2 Travel in our Inclusive Zone

Google Pixel 7 Pro Deals & Pay Monthly Contracts | O2

You have to select a Plus plan to get the information - I can’t find the same info on Sim only “Plus” plans

O2’s website is very inconsistent

To me the information change IMPLIES there is no data cap for “Plus” people, but the speed is capped at 5mb/s

Non plus is not speed capped, but limited to 25GB

Still not seeing mention of speed cap. When I click that Google Pixel deal and then click “roam at no extra cost” under the 30 gb plus plan, I see the following…

But then here:

Can’t make it’s mind up.

Think the 0.5 and 5 were old terms pre 2022 when the roaming issue kicked off with all the networks.


o2 still enforce the rule that PAYG sims must top-up every 999 days or you will lose your number (even if you had recent usage), despite removing that clause from their terms and conditions years ago :man_shrugging:

And it’s trivial to bypass their 2fa also, but can’t get any common sense out of anyone trying to report it, no vulnerability disclosure policy and now that it’s 50/50 owner do you report it to Virgin or Telefonica ?


If you can’t find a proper channel to report it you might as well just email their CIO, emails to execs always seem to find their way to the right place

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God that’s a mess with o2. I am deciding between going o2/o2 based esim or voda/voda based esim as secondary possibly for the other half in the future with KeepGo / Other for travel.

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God that’s a mess with o2.

I have a feeling EE is just as bad. They don’t have MFA login at all, and the returns page (link) asks for 2 characters from your password implying they can see it in plain text.


To be fair they may have bcrypt’ed each character of your password but then again they could very easily not have. The icing on the cake would be if they could email you your password if you forget or if the call centre could tell you :smiley:

You’d hope they aren’t storing them as plain text

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Call centre staff cannot see the whole password, I can confirm this :slightly_smiling_face:

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